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APRIL 2014
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Q&A with Nigel Alexander
Q&A with Nigel Alexander: Bridging is all about
good relationships
Fincorp director Nigel Alexander believes
bridging is all about good relationships
and knowing what lenders want before
you submit a deal.

1. What sort of deals should brokers
consider Fincorp for?
Our bread and butter loans are short-term light refurbishment deals but we do look at heavy refurb as well. We do a lot of business funding developers who buy properties at auction and need finance at the drop of a hat. Bridging lenders all say they provide finance fast – we put our money where are mouths are.

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Fincorp thinks: Is the vogue for development
a warning the market is overheating?
By Matthew Anderson, director, Fincorp

In the past month or so I’ve seen an increasing amount written in the trade press about development finance. Two of the major specialist short-term lenders in the market have recently been out in the market promoting funding they have available specifically for development projects. Their timing is interesting I think.

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In our opinion...
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